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Marketing Article #3 - Book Review: Ultimate Guide to Standing Out and Getting More Closings,

The third marketing article in the series is a review of a free, downloadable booklet that every new notary should read.  It was written by a couple of guys I think of as "the Closer Hub Guys."

Marketing Article Series - October 2017
  • Article #1 was quite short.  I plan to revisit this subject  in more detail. The title:  Niche Marketing
  • Article #2:  You’ve heard of the new buzz called “content marketing” right?  A good email marketer creates marketing emails with content the client wants to read. They don’t just spam the recipients with ads about themselves.  Click here to read:  Email Marketing Tips for Notaries
  • Article #3:  Today’s article is an endorsement of the Ultimate Guide to Standing Out and Getting More Closings, a free booklet by the Closer Hub Guys. (I’ll refer to them below as CH Guys.)
Edited on 10/29/17 - all article links are shared at the bottom of this article. 

Who are the Closer Hub Guys?  

Their names are Dean Calvert and Steve Allison. They wrote the Ultimate Guide to Standing Out and Getting More Closings, a free booklet (the one I am reviewing today).  

I’ll refer to them below as CH Guys. 

Dean worked eleven years as a closer, manager, and sales manager for a national title company.  Steve Allison is his partner.  He worked with Dean for five years as a closer and closing manager.  

One day, they took the leap and started their own company.   Their video gives more details.

I’m not copying their content and putting it in this article! 

You’ll have to get most of the information by reading the Ultimate Guide to Standing Out and Getting More Closings on your own,

I’m just telling you what’s inside, so you’ll want to download and read it. New notary professionals can use this kind of information.

I read this guide a couple of years ago and also watched their video.  I have re-read and re-watched the article and video (respectively) more than once.  It's really good, solid notary business information.

I found both to be uplifting and infinitely more inspiring than some of the snake oil presentations that don’t show you how to polish your image but just regurgitate information that won’t do you a bit of good!

Unprofessionalism is the #1 Complaint

First, let’s correct a very correctable problem.

 Steve and Dean say that unprofessionalism is one issue causing complaints about notaries from title companies, borrowers, and mortgage brokers.

That’s a big pain point.

The CH Guys say that notaries should polish up on appearance, demeanor, and notary skills to get more closings.  

This is so easy to fix!

My comments on notary skills:  Notaries have NO excuse not to read their laws and find training.  It’s up to them to equip and educate themselves before beginning to notarize.

Don’t know where to start to gain skills? 

Try the American Society ofNotaries and the National Notary Association.   Texans should look into attending one of Phyllis Traylor’s live San Antonio classes.  You could also ask Carol Ray of Notary2Pro Signing Agent Training for a referral. 

Click this link to look on YouTube for notary training.  Read your laws, and ask your notary public administrator where free training or materials may be found.

Many states, like Texas, have excellent free training online.  A writing instructor recently said in an online class that I’m taking “Do your research.  With the accessibility of the Internet, you have absolutely no excuse not to thoroughly research all of your writing, fiction or non-fiction.”

Likewise, notaries have NO excuse for not knowing how to notarize properly.

Professionalism Boost - Tips for Attire
Attire can also be an issue that causes complaints of unprofessionalism.

Attire is covered frankly and honestly on pages 4 -5.  For instance, men, did you know there’s a recommended dress code for you that will speed up your closings?  

Goodwill Gesture – Major Tip on how to Stand Out
On page 5, there is a crazy goodwill gesture described that you might want to make to title companies so that you become a favorite.  The CH Guys say that no one else in your area will make this offer.  Be the one who cultivates this “thing” and stands out.

Do You Put Forth Marketing Efforts?

What’s that mean, anyhow? 

“Most notaries don’t market,” say Steve and Dean.

They do little more than sign up with signing services.

Be the marketer! Stand out!

(See pages 6 and 7.)

Should you use a business card tied to a notary association?  

Will that help you stand out? What about brochures, where can you get them?  What should they say? Consult page 7 of the guide.

Learn how to correspond more professionally in writing with a few short tips.  See page 7.

When you make phone calls, try Steve and Dean’s trick.  The CH Guys say if you do this more often, you’ll make more money.  See page 8 for details!

Also on page 8:  Always have this one certain item in front of you to make your clients feel rewarded when they call.

 Be Less Stressed and More Organized

By being ready for any situation and more organized, you can reduce your stress level and concentrate on performing flawless loan signings!

  Mobile Office – What goes in it?

As part of reducing stress, you need an efficient mobile office.  Should you craft your mobile office from a notary box in the car or a notary bag? You’ll find answers to questions like the following on pages 9-10.

·         What should you stock in your mobile office?
·         Should you print at Kinko’s?
·         Do you need a printer and scanner to haul around?

Contacting Borrowers

Do you need help on what to say when you make your first call to the borrowers? See page 10.

The Ultimate Secret to Running a Stress Free Business

I had no idea that the ultimate secret is blank, a word that starts with an L.  And, you need to learn to blank your time!  See page 11 for details.

Also, on page 11 is a paragraph listing each step involved in each signing appointment.

For instance, you receive the closing, respond; you update your calendar, and do about 15 more things that have to happen every time you take an assignment.

When tasks are repetitious, and these will be as your business picks up, they can usually be streamlined. 

The CH Guys say they have developed a system to help you handle your work—it’s called the Closer Command Center

I know what you are thinking…that you don’t want to give them your email in exchange for downloading their book.  You fear you’ll get emails all the time. 

I haven’t.

NNA Conference 2016 Presentation Rocked

I attended the CH Guys’ presentation at the NNA conference and I was intrigued by them, their personal stories of how they got from Point A to Point B, their tips for standing out, and their down to earth personalities.   Watch their video at this link to see a similar presentation.

I could learn a lot from Dean and Steve.

You can, too.

They are real, down to earth, and they walk the walk more than talking about it.  They’ve been in a position to seek notaries like you to do their assignments while working for a TITLE COMPANY -- not in a signing service that was unsuccessful or took advantage of notaries with low or slow pay.

The CH Guys won’t pretend to dazzle your future clients with fancy paper shuffling and binding clips or other expensive training full of promises they can’t keep and information that you don’t really need. 

They aren’t providing signing agent training. 

The tips in this booklet are the exact insights I needed when I first started my notary business. 

This booklet is about polishing one’s image and imparting wisdom to help you stand out and get more closings.  And, of course, they have their product, the Closing Command Center.  I know nothing about it, but if I needed a notary business management tool, I would go to the Closing Hub first.   

I receive no commission for having provided this article should you subscribe to this software or purchase it by clicking through my links. It makes no difference to me if you purchase from them, but you really should get a copy of the booklet. There is zero pressure to purchase anything from the Closer Hub afterwards.

It’s almost National Notary Public Day (November 7, 2017).

Because I appreciate that notaries have been reading my articles over the last many years , I’m doing a series of marketing articles packed with my favorite Ah ha!  tips and tricks. 

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