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Marketing Article #5 - It's NoNoMarBo Time!! (In English: Notary November Marketing Bonanza! )

This is Marketing Article #5 of a series.
(See links to all five at the bottom of this page.) 
Notaries have a ton of reasons to reach out to clients and prospects by email during the month of November!  I am going to show you how in this last installment of five marketing articles. (Links to all are at the bottom of this article.)

Marketing Tip #1- NoNoMarBo with NaNoWriMo 

Wow, now that sounded like gibberish!

Obviously, I pirated this, um, whatever you call it...(made up word?) NoNoMarBo from NaNoWriMo which, in writing circles, means National Novel Writing Month.  November is the month where many writers take up a challenge to write a first draft of a novel in a month.

Shamelessly Exploit all Avenues to Market Services!

Fire up your trusty Googles and find out if there's a local writers' club meeting this month.  Try to find out who is in charge and reach out to him or her.

Target writers in Facebook posts.

Do one post about every three to five days offering a discount to NaNoWriMo participants.  Congratulate writers everywhere for participating.

Act like you've got a ton of writing friends.  It doesn't matter if you do or not!  You have a reason to post in your local groups.  People will see it.  You'll get business!

Heck, just for grins, add me and Notary Tim Gatewood to your Facebook Friends' list.  Both of us will be quieter in November, but at least you'll have two writers to "talk" to in your ads.  (Quieter why? I'm participating in NaNoWriMo this month.  I think Tim said he is, too.)  Tim's blog is here, by the way. 

ACTION ITEMS -- Ready, set, go!!

  • When it's action time, check below for a way to spice up your well wishes using my secret weapon!
  • Set up three (or more) well wishes and coupons for NaNoWriMo writers. 
  • Post one of them every three to five days.
  • ~~~~~~

    Marketing Tip #2-  - It's No Shave November!

    In Memory of My First Cousin CLB who
    passed away recently
    at the age of 61 - October 22, 2017, and my grandfather. 
    Andrew Smith.  Neither had cancer, but my
    Papaw has a No-Shave-worthy beard
    and I love this picture of these two guys.

    Buzz up your Facebook page and blog with reminders about, the site for No Shave-November.

    ACTION ITEMS -- Ready, set, go!!

    • Visit the site to learn why this is so important.  
    • When it's action time, take a look at my secret weapon for marketing.
    • Write up eight ads total using what you've learned above.
    • Write four ads - Offer men without beards a discount!
    • Four more ads - Offer men with beards a better discount!  
    • Post a total of two ads each week during the month of November.

    Marketing Tip #3- The BIG ONE.  It's National Notary Public Day!

    Below, as my NoNoMarBo gift to you, is a list of five marketing articles to help you make the MOST of National Notary Public Day. 

    • If you really want to make a splash, arrange to be somewhere for an hour (or several hours) around town providing notarizations for half-price throughout the month.  
      • If you have no other place to do it, try the parking lot of Wal-Mart.
      • Another location would be the library.
      • If you have a mall, Sam's Club, Cosco, or Target, those are good places, too.
    • Give out your card.  
    • Set up a drawing for something very cool that people will sign up for.
    • Collect emails.  (Read the email marketing tips article to learn more.)
    • Go to Senior Citizen meetings. Promote your business.
    • Make a full day's work of greeting all the medical folks in your town. Promote your business.
    • Everywhere you go, promote your business!

    Marketing Tip #4--November 25 is Small Business Day 2017

    This comes straight from the website.

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    Series of Marketing Articles for You, U.S. Notaries 

    For my friends and readers:

    Happy NoNoMarBo 2017!!

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