Monday, October 9, 2017

Marketing Article #1 - Niche Marketing

Dear Cherished Readers:  On November 7, 2017, we will celebrate National Notary Public Day.  Notaries have been reading what I have written for years.  Most of the time, my name wasn't on it, so they didn't know it was me, but I have had a great writing career because of it!  Thank you. 

In that spirit, as time permits, I am going to do a series for you on marketing your new notary business.  Thank you for many years of reading what I write.  With sincere appreciation, Brenda Stone

10/29/17 All links to five marketing articles are at the bottom of this post.

Every month, I receive a letter or postcard from a realtor named Mary telling me how many condos in my 62 Unit condo property have sold in the previous month and how much they sold for.

Who do you think gets the listing for a large percentage of condo sales in College Station? Mary does. Condos are her niche. In the years I have lived here, I have received cards or letters from Mary without fail.

If you are trying to get your notary business off the ground, take a page from Mary's monthly practice.

Every month, send out as many post cards as you can afford to. Start with one of these niches:
-Hospice Providers (Some don't like this, but I like to go if I can.)
-Towing yards (If you don't mind night calls.)

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10/29/17 - UPDATING TO ADD 


Series of Marketing Articles for You, U.S. Notaries 

For my friends and readers:

Happy NoNoMarBo 2017!!

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