Sunday, October 15, 2017

Shout out to Gov. Rick Scott in Florida re Electronic Wills and Remote Notarization

I just read Gov. Scott's veto letter y about electronic wills and what I believe is also a form of remote notarization.


Why am I impressed?

Because Gov. Rick Scott acknowledged Florida Notaries. He also wasn't afraid to slow down the roll of zealous commercial enterprises who see nothing but smoothe sailing and dollar signs.
There are 420K notaries in the Lone Star State, and not one lawmaker that I know of reached out to Texas notaries in the field who providing independent notarial services to see what they thought about remote notarization. Lawmakers might have chatted with their assistants who are notaries and have no clue what it's like out there, but they gave no thought to getting input from boots on the ground.

I would not have opposed the remote notarization bill because it is inevitable and will come soon enough to the entire country, but I sure could have made a few suggestions to ensure our citizens' best interests in Texas were protected.

Anyhow, FL Notaries, you are fortunate. Gov. Scott said:

"As Governor, I oversee the appointment of notaries public in the State of Florida and have a responsibility to ensure that notaries safeguard the most vulnerable Floridians against fraud and exploitation. While the concept of remote notarization is meant to provide increased access to legal services like estate planning, the remote notarization provisions in the bill do not adequately ensure authentication of the identity of the parties..."  READ THE ARTICLE
Gov. Scott: Thanks for caring about giving your notaries the tools they need! Free notary work to you in Bryan/College Station if you come this way.

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