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Marketing Article #4 - Three Marketing Tips from a Tried and True Marketing Book on my Shelf

Tonight I am banging away on my keyboard writing a book about starting a certain type of home based business. (More on that when I getting closer to finishing the book.)  I needed a picture to show readers that I have the books that I recommend they get for this business, so I went to my shelf to pull down my books to photograph.

Well, this old fellow, an old friend of mine, got my attention. 1001 Ways to Market your Services (Even if you Hate to Sell!) by Rick Crandall, Ph.D.  1001 has been on my shelf for years and is still popular enough to be on Amazon's Kindle shelf now. (Please note that if you purchase the book at this link, I will make as much as 30 cents [or 6% of the purchase price] from your purchase.)

I have always been pretty good at marketing my notary services because I read things like this constantly and use my imagination.  I decided to finish my Sunday writing up tonight with a challenge to myself to go through the first chapter of 1001 and hand you three realistic, long-range, workable marketing ideas before I went to bed.

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Ready, set, go!!  Here is Marketing Article #4 for October 2017.  Links to the other three are listed below.

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Tip 1 - Be approachable - tell a notary joke!  

From page 3.  The tip is to be approachable.  The book says don't try to be intimidating.  Humanize yourself.  Don't take yourself so seriously.  The example suggests that attorneys use attorney jokes to humanize themselves.  That might work for notaries.  How about coming up with a notary joke to go into your marketing materials?  Don't have a clue?

You've read about "Ten things that Texans do."  How about "Ten things that notaries do"?  If you want me to look at your work, when you are finished, I promise to keep it quiet and not share with anyone.  If you make me laugh, you'll make your clients laugh.

Tip 2 - Farm a neighborhood.

From page 5.  The tip is  "specializing in a special neighborhood."  Suppose you start a newsletter about your neighborhood.  Your notary services will be the main passenger in the vehicle that is your newsletter.

Become an authority on who your policemen are, why the latest road block has happened, etc.  Your publications must always state "Brought to you buy your neighborhood notary!"

You could decide to become the local church specialist, or the most informed on what's going on in the school district.  Become the smartest person in your town where the craft shows are, or local muscial talent.

There are niches all around you to collect information from to specialize in.  Set up a blog and be super smart on the topic you choose so that your notary services are front and center in the front of a group of people who will use your services at some point.

Tip 3 - Specialize, Specialize, Specialize

From page 9.  The tip is to specialize in one segment of your service industry.  You can become the most knowledgible about a type of notary client.  Keep your current website, but start a site that caters to one type of client. For instance, hospital clients or maybe hospice care.  Or, perhaps adoptions or lawyers who need you to go administer an oath to clients who are testifying online.  Whatever the case, become a solid expert in your chosen niche.  Create a list of wonderful resources like links to articles for people who need your little niche-type of work.

I enjoyed that so much, you can plan on seeing three more soon.  Ah, it's already 9:21 p.m.  

Good night!

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