Sunday, November 26, 2017

End of 2017's Advice for New and Expert Notaries

The other day while writing on a commercial loan signing course,   I ran across a treasure trove of files from I first started my notary business and it sparked what's going to be several blog posts.

Coming Soon - Commercial Loan Signing Course and / or Book

For over 13 years, I prepared commercial loan document packages and processed SBA mortgage loans.   As a signing agent, I have been fortunate to also handle commercial packages for a title company client in Houston and through other channels.   


Advice for Notaries (This is all coming straight off the top of my head. )

There won't be any citations--but I have a big can of Brenda's Butt Hurting Spray with a hair trigger, so stand back in case I accidentally spray it.   A lot of people will not care for me much after this, but I've decided that's okay, too.  I've had a revelation or two lately and my priorities have been re-aligned.

This article will get to the core of some matters that our industry is suffering from.  After reading what I have to say, you may decide that I'm not nice.  That's not the case.

I'm just not fake to get money out of your pocket and I'm sick of people who do that.

They make the rest of us straight-shooters look bad.

If you have ever reached out to me for help, please continue to do so.

Also, please pay that forward.

~~New Folks - My Best Advice for You in 2017~~

People who are overly helpful have an agenda.

1-My agenda(s) are to support myself with notary work and writing and to keep going to work at my job until I retire.  No hurry for that either! I love to work!!

I want Texas notaries to join my Facebook group and get the right people who know the rules and laws helping them.

We are raising the bar in Texas.

Also, if I write a book, I want to send you an email and tell you about it.

If I write a course, I hope you will take it.  I would like to email you and let you know about it.

We are all here to make money and anyone who says they aren't are not being honest.  They are liars.

2-"Mentors" who always put down other long-timers are full it.  Seldom do they have their own group or spend time helping off stage without expecting payment.

They want to charge you and put down the rest of us so you think our free advice is crap.

Every time someone tells me negative things about a person who provides free advice, it's a person who is making money from dispensing advice.

3-Course sellers with new tricks are desperate.   There's nothing new about how to do this job.

Marketing yes!  

New marketing techniques arise constantly.

How to handle the basics of loan signing?  NO.
My Endorsed Courses for Signing Agents
1-NNA Certification because you need it to get work (Yes, they do, naysayers. They have a better chance of getting work with it. I don't care if you don't like them or didn't ever take their course or certification.  That was then, this is now.)
2-Carol Ray's Notary2Pro Course.  (Carol will mentor and give them some poise--See below about poise.)
3-If I ever give a course, it will be sound information. Take it.  Please sign up for my email list and that way I can let you know.  (What?  You don't like me giving away this advice and you don't like my Texas notary directory?  Too bad.  Hey, if you think I'm wrong,  write your own blog.)
 Websites you need to bookmark.
All of these.  Take a look at the linked page.
4-Make sure the courses your "friends" endorse aren't paying them to do so.  The Something Signing System is recommended by a lot of notaries (not all of them) because they are making 30-35% or around $50 commission to promote the course for each sold.  They hide the links in little short links like When you click on the link, it will take you to another link that looks like this:  https://www.blahblahdotcom/?abcd=7w  

If they do not disclose this information, they should be reported to the Federal Trade Commission who will call and follow up with them and the course provider and/or send letters to them.

5-Join Facebook Groups for Notaries in your State 
See this link where Carol Ray's list is published: 

New Notaries - You Need Poise 

Poise, what does that mean? It means learning to control your angst. If you can't control it, stop perspiring and fretting all over public forums.

Get trained NOW.

Stop asking for help over and over again on how to get business. You have been flooded with information on how to get business.

Read Tim's blog.

Read THIS blog.

Go to the library.  Look up "marketing" or use Google.  See THIS LINK!

Big Tip for You

Well, here's a tip: for the love of God, people, please don't ask about new documents you have never seen before in a public forum. 

It makes you look like you don't have a clue what a notary public does. You're driving down our respectability, our fees, and making us laughing stocks.  Stop it.

Stop Answering Other New Notaries with Your Guesses

If you can't bring yourself to read up on your laws, stop answering other notaries' questions.  You're driving down our respectability, our fees, and making us laughing stocks.  Stop it. 

LOOK for Good Advisors! 

Whose Advice is Usually Right?

  • Good advice-givers have solid egos and can say "I don't know."
  • They will provide a quote or citation from a reliable source like actual laws or they will provide a link to a best practice from a CREDIBLE source--not another notary who is clueless and not Wikipedia.
  • They don't throw around "Oh, I asked my lawyer and he said I was right."  
  • They never say, "I heard..." and "I read..." without telling where they heard or read it.

You and your success ARE important to me.

I care about your business and about my business.  I care about whether we are all here in the next 10 years.  

WE ALL started Somewhere

We sure did.  

Respect those of us who have worked hard to get here. Respect YOURSELF because you need to earn the respect of your peers and other.

We didn't advertise on an open and public group that we had started an important business that we didn't have a clue how to operate. We read paragraphs with more than three bullet points and a cute picture;  we took training--we gave a flip about earning respect.

Let's skip examples with professions like plumbers and doctors because you apparently don't equate your own work with professional work.

Restaurants and salons have rules. Let's go there.

  • How much would I pay the restaurant I frequently eat in if the people running it spoke OPENLY on Facebook about having a bad cold and never washing hands before eating? 
  • How about the salon where I get manicures? Would I continue paying them a premium amount if they talked about never sterilizing anything? 

That's EXACTLY what you are doing.

Get into a private small group or do something nice for an experienced notary, then reach out and ask him or her. (I am not saying do something nice for me because you're nice just to read my blog.)

I adore the people who reach out to me privately because they have always done homework before saying "Boo hoo, this is a new document!  What do I do???" 

~~Prolific Expert Posters - Advice for You n 2017~~

Be Quiet and Take Training Classes

Just because it sounds right in your head doesn't mean it's true.  

You are posting constantly, you know everything! 

Here's a tip--stop arguing and lying that your attorney told you this and that.  You just hate to be wrong.

I was wrong the other day and learned something! 

I didn't make up lies to cover my ignorance and a bunch of you are because you think it is important to bully everyone else to be quiet so no one realizes you're making up crap.

Your bs is misleading new notaries.

Stop it.

Stop putting people down for trying to suggest that someone check their state laws or call the SOS.  You are advising Texans and that will get you in trouble.

You say what they want to hear so they believe you.

You're talking about of your @ss most of the time.

We've got  experts who brag about how they upcharge.  


If you do that, keep it up.  I don't have time to report you, but I believe there are some who do have the time.  I think they might have even reported me for sharing my notary certificates!

Then we've got experts who run signing services and are too shallow to read the laws. Stop it.

Stop Lying

There are very experienced notaries who have so much to offer but who can listen to them?  

I never know what's true and what's bull.  They are like compulsive liars claiming to make thousands a week taking bs fees and claiming they have cut their costs so deeply that they are practically paying signing services to do the work.

(It's okay to be blunt about this because these folks have done nothing but criticize every line I have written so I am sure they don't read my blog.  Their comments and arguments related to my remarks make me believe they think I'm  a straight up dumb@ss.)

To me, it seems like the real experts seldom post!

They are building businesses.

They don't have time to be warm and fuzzy.  '

More Experts Should Stop Blowing Smoke and
Start Helping New Notaries Learn How to Cope in Our World.

In a perfect world. you would stop pulling answers out of your back end and handing them out, then  arguing with the ones who actually live in the new notary's state and know.  You just seem pathetic when you will argue over nothing.

Take a deep breath, look up the law, get the right answer, then ask them to please read the law.

Be like Tim and tell them how to use search features.

Be like me and suggest they look at their laws or call the SOS.

You are not helping them!!

Oh...I get it, you just want to "mentor" them for money.  That's why you won't help them understand how to operate without you hovering over them and attempting to drive wedgets between them and other good sources of information.

Real business experts get called names and accused of biases if they don't preface things carefully so people don't get their hackles up and their feelings exposed.  

One notary who is actually one of the smartest and kindest, a notary who will give to others even when she has no home because of Hurricane Harry is under attack in most groups because she doesn't have much patience with folks who won't read their laws.

She has been attacked for bias and so have I, by the same person...because I would not remove this straight talker from our group. 

When a person starts throwing around accusations of bias, I listen.

It makes me really consider my actions and examine my motives.

I'm neither Jesus nor Pollyanna and I know I have as much ability to be a mean person as anyone--bias over ethnicity is wrong and it's sick.

But no matter what our background we can be biased towards others.

I can and you can.

I have certainly been biased in situations.  Bad experiences with people may create bad vibes that we don't forget easily. Bias can make us dislike ALL people with similar traits.

Take Gingers, for Instance

I love red hair, but people are biased against Gingers because they are different. Supposedly, only 2% of the population have red hair.

Why do you think Southpark made a whole show on Gingers?  It was the kind of fun-making at our culture that Southpark does.

People are uneasy about Gingers for some reason. Those flaming heads make them nervous. (Who knows!)

Old notaries like me who have gray hair, eschew thong underwear as uncomfortable, and believe in reading laws do not hold all the cards on bias.

New notaries can be biased, too.  Especially towards older notaries.

They may not like that the old ones do things one way and the younger ones do it another.

I feel like sometimes there is bias against traditional notaries with gray hair!  Bias is everywhere and we should learn tolerance for the way people are.  We should not say they are biased just because they won't do what we want.

I work with young people all the time and they inspire me.  That's why it shocked me when this young woman accused me of being old and biased against her and her opinions.

Why did this happen? 

She demanded that I step back from giving certain types of information to my Texas group.  She said that I should remove all the bad people

I told her I was a reporter and blogger. So, no. I would not stop blogging and reporting.

Then, I went back to see who was mean--guess what...the only one who was rude to another member was her.  I said this to her jokingly thinking that we were having a friendly conversation, but it angered her.   I found out she was in the group under false pretenses--we don't have notary hiring entities in the Texas group.  That's a hard rule. I removed her from our Texas group and it's never been nicer there.  Especially after her minions followed suit.

Even after the disagreement, I didn't realize that she was angry and had started a character assasination.  I never realize she was having a fit about me not agreeing with her until friends told me about her intentional vindictive behavior toward me.  I had endorsed her for several things and gave to her causes. I thought I was mentoring her, and I found out that I was being used.  Then, she used another long-term notary who was supportive of her.  In that case, there was no way it was a situation of bias.  This second notary, another older woman, is of the utmost best character.

Thank Goodness--I Met Another Victim

Until the other day I thought it was just me -- I thought she might be partially right in that I was old-fashioned and old skool.  Then, I had lunch with a new notary in my town, a very nice young man to whom I refer work.

He brought her up and asked me about how to overcome her bad acts toward him.  I could have kissed him right in the middle of On The Border--so, there!  It was not just ME.

I found out she had done something  unethical to him, as well.  I think that he actually took action to get someone's attention about her behavior because with my endorsmentS (and, I mean several), she got a lot of positive attention.

If this mess comes up again, I'll crank up my LegalShield benefits, call the other notary who will gladly join with me on this, and get my attorney on it.

Enough is enough.

Finally: I didn't set up my notary groups so you could use me to advertise your wares.

If you are in a notary group, whoever you are, oldie or newbie, don't be a jerk and advertise your books, courses, and products in that group if you don't own it.  Ask for permission first.  That's why you keep getting rejected and kicked out of groups.

If I like what you have, I will endorse your product.  That is huge for an old-timer to say you have a good product. 

I won't take a freebie and endorse you for it.  I will buy it from you or look at a sample and decide.

If you use my groups to promote your crap to my members, I'll delete your link and talk about what an entitled brat you are.

Here's to 2018!

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