Friday, December 29, 2017

Bar Associations in the U.S. (Resource Guide)

If you hear of a notary practicing law without a license and feel you should report him or her, or if you have trouble getting paid by a law firm, these links might be of help.

Alabama Center for Professional Responsibility, Alabama State Bar
Alaska Attorney Grievances, Alaska Bar Association
Arizona Lawyer Discipline Process,State Bar of Arizona
Arkansas Office of the Committee on Professional Conduct, Arkansas Judiciary
California Attorney Discipline System, State Bar of California
Connecticut Statewide Grievance Committee
Colorado Colorado Office of Attorney Regulation
Delaware Delaware Office of Disciplinary Counsel
District of Columbia District of Columbia Office of Bar Counsel
Florida Dept. of Lawyer Regulation, The Florida Bar
Georgia Georgia's Attorney Discipline
Hawaii Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Supreme Court of Hawaii
Idaho Idaho's Attorney Discipline
Illinois Illinois Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission
Indiana Disciplinary Commission, Indiana Supreme Court
Iowa Attorney Disciplinary Board, Iowa Supreme Court
Kansas Office of the Disciplinary Administrator, Supreme Court of Kansas
Kentucky Office of Bar Counsel, Kentucky Bar Association
Louisiana Louisiana Office of the Disciplinary Counsel
Maine Maine Board of Overseers of the Bar
Maryland Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland
Massachusetts Massachusetts Office of the Bar Counsel
Michigan Michigan Attorney Discipline Board
Minnesota Minnesota Office of Professional Responsibility
Mississippi The Disciplinary Process, Mississippi State Bar
Missouri Missouri Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel
Montana Montana Attorney Complaints - Lawyer Discipline
Nebraska Nebraska Counsel for Discipline
Nevada Nevada Office of Bar Counsel
New Hampshire Attorney Discipline System, New Hampshire Supreme Court
New Jersey Office of Attorney Ethics, Supreme Court of New Jersey
New Mexico Commission on Client Protection, State Bar of New Mexico
New York New York Attorney Grievance Committees
North Carolina Grievance Committee, North Carolina State Bar
North Dakota Disciplinary Board, Supreme Court of North Dakota
Oklahoma Office of the General Counsel, Oklahoma Bar Association
Ohio Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Ohio Supreme Court
Oregon Disciplinary Counsel's Office, Oregon State Bar
Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board, Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
Rhode Island Disciplinary Board, Supreme Court of Rhode Island
South Carolina South Carolina Office of Disciplinary Counsel
South Dakota South Dakota Disciplinary Board Counsel
Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility, Supreme Court of Tennessee
Texas Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel, State Bar of Texas
Utah Consumer Assistance Program , Utah State Bar
Vermont Attorney Discipline Information, Supreme Court of Vermont
Virginia Disciplinary System, Virginia State Bar
Washington Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Washington State Bar
West Virginia West Virginia Office of Disciplinary Counsel
Wisconsin Wisconsin Office of Lawyer Regulation
Wyoming Ethical Violations Complaints, Wyoming State Bar

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