Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Free Course - How I notarize wills in Texas.

How to Prepare a Will (for Citizens --  this is not directed at notaries public)

ARE YOU INTERESTED in information on how to prepare a will?  I found this article to be clear and easy to understand.  Frankly, I had a lawyer prepare my will, but if you aren't going to do that read "Self-Proving Wills" by Judon Fambrough.  After over a decade of seeing how people screw up their wills and squander half of their fortunes on lawyer and court fees after they are gone and various interested heirs (or non-heirs) fight over it, I know it is incredibly bad to prepare your own will.


Dear Notaries - I'm Introducing a free course for Texas notaries on how I notarize wills in Texas

This seems to be the most lacking type of notary knowledge there is.  I get MANY calls from Texas notaries asking for help on notarizing wills.
Rather than put up with the gawdawful accusations of "You may be practicing law--oh my!"  I am only sharing how I handle wills.  And, it's free.  So, no UPL HERE!
(Any notary may participate!  But, you must understand this is a Texas notary's course.)

Be careful who you're learning from.

Courses are coming out of folks who have less than a year's experience of being notaries public. They are giving out advice like candy, setting up courses, mentoring, and have become part of the "How-to..." explosion.

Check out the trainers before paying for the course.

My resume:
  • 10 years writing and training professionally for other companies.
  • 25+ years as a notary
  • 10+ years working as a legal assitant in mortgage, lending, and title positions

My favorite teachers (besides me!)

Seriously, folks, the notary writers and trainers you are running into might have LESS experience than you!
Please do not be offended if you have not been added here.  These are the teachers I have never had the slightest disagreement about training with.  If you think I have left you off in error, contact me on Facebook!
Take care, warmly, 
Brenda Stone in Texas

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