Thursday, May 24, 2018

Notary2Pro Elite Package Memorial Day Special

I do not receive compensation for sharing this information.  Thanks, Brenda / Notaries & Notary News

From Barbara & Carol Ray - 

Since Memorial Day is just around the corner we wanted to remember all those who are no longer with us. We also like to have an excuse to offer a special (every now and then).

Between Friday, May 25th and Monday, May 28th we are offering our Elite Package for $155.00 (which is our Military Price). If you are interested, or know of someone who is, please call us and we can get you signed up. This is for an individual. You can still get our 2 for 1 (husbands and wives) Elite package for $195.00.

Please visit our website at for all we offer or call us at 916.777.5931.


Sunday, May 20, 2018

I like Big Books and I Cannot Lie! (Books and Goodies for Notary Signing Agents)

I like big books and I cannot lie! 

(Love that song by Sir Mix-A-Lot too!)

My bookshelves (both real and virtual) are well-stocked with information on real estate and mortgage lending, both residential and commercial.

I own all of the books that I am listing below.

If I had not purchased these for myself, I would not recommend them.  I do, however, always disclose when it is truth that I earn 4% - 6% of the amount of the book cost if you purchase one of these from my list.  For instance, in the first book in the list that is $14, I will earn 84 CENTS from Amazon.

No one  book will give you all the answers. 

That’s why I have so many of them to give me a more complete picture about what we do.  In addition, because I write information for notaries, I like to make sure that my information is accurate.


Starting a Business

This is a great book if you are new to setting up your own business!

 If you are looking to add a sideline business on to your current notary business, take a look at this. Find out what you should do!  What fits with you, what motivates you! Then, set objectives for yourself.  This is such a fantastic book!  Check it out!!


Goodies - Get them NOW!  

Entrepreneur's Free Startup Resources

These may not be offered forever.  I found them and I am sharing. 

In one of my late night prowling through the net, I located an Entrepreneur publication on how to start a medical billing business.  That led me to a great collection of helpful letters and forms provided by - I love this website.  If you aren't reading articles there regularly, you should be!!

Download the three zip files from the website:  HERE


Real Estate Closings

Rent for $25 Kindle or purchase paperback used.
One of my favorites, written for paralegals, but provides a willing reader who is a notary signing agent a great deal of insight on the way deals come together. Any version is good for our purpose, so grab one at any bargain outlet you find.  Look for older versions on, eBay, and Amazon.

Author Sandra Gadow is a licensed real estate agent, as well as a writer, researcher, and analyst for the real estate industry. She covers every state in this book and what to expect at closing.


Mortgage Lending & Real Estate Closings Generally

Amazon States: A one-stop reference for in-depth explanations of mortgage topics
Author Jack Guttentag is a nationally syndicated real estate columnist, The Mortgage Encyclopedia helps is a great reference tool for notary signing agents. Features definitions and explanations of common mortgage, escrow, and closing fees and arcane mortgage terminology

Study guide that explains terms and concepts like RESPA, LTV, conventional loans, non-conventional loans. It’s basically a guide for getting through a test.  Those types of booklets can be very informative.

Starting a Signing Agent Business?



Forms and Property Law

Price Varies.
Only in Paperback, I think.  Book of forms for both residential and commercial law.  If you just want a book full of forms about real estate, this will do it.  I have purchased two of them for less than $10 each.  Currently, I have the 2015 version and I paid $9.99 for it at  Also, try eBay for deals on this book.

I love this little handbook on Texas property laws.  It is what every handbook should be.  It speaks in plain language and backs up what it says with citations.


Researching Public Records as a Business

Real Estate Title Search Abstracting  (How to abstract title.)
 Not bad for the price.  I originally ran across this on Source of Title’s website.  I figured if they promoted it as reasonably accurate, it was worth looking at. Weirdly, it has a whole chapter on personalities in the back.


Miscellaneous Guides - Public Records

How to find Records Online and in the Courthouse

Years ago, I had a very lucrative business pulling records at the courthouse.  If you are located near a courthouse, look into it. 

Note:  Anything by Michael Sankey is worth having.


Insights to the Title / Escrow Business

Interesting – How to Start a Business

How to Start a Title Insurance Company:  Your Step by Step Guide 
Wow.  Bad purchase!  Don't recommend.  Ridiculously short 18-page booklet on how to start a title insurance company.  


Commercial Real Estate / Lending / Investing

The following links to books are inexpensive Kindle books. Remember that anytime you purchase one of these, that it is speaking to the beginning investor or lender, not to a notary.  That’s why I am writing a book of my own on the topic.


Monday, May 14, 2018

Tips for Notary Creative Producers of Books, Webinars, and other Notary Info Products

I built my blog's popularity by using my own wall, then setting up a Facebook page for it. Then, I took out a few $35 ads to get the news out.

I also tweeted all of my blog posts.

I have never posted in a group that doesn't belong to me without request or permission.

Two group owners (Kisha Smith & Robert Owens) will ask me to share a blog post on occasion or share it themselves. That kind of advertising is HUGE. It is INVALUABLE.  You don't just take it like you are entitled to it.

That's why creative producers of notary info products need to think twice before using other people's hard work expended by tending and  growing a group. It's not there as a sales tool for notary info product makers.

Don't wear out the group members' attention span by splashing your ads into the group daily. You are getting hundreds of dollars worth of targeted advertisement. Appreciate it, give back BEFORE you start taking.  Else, you might be surprised at what happens when you need help.

--Set up your own group. Spend time in it each day. Set hours that you'll be there. Build YOUR following.
--Participate in other groups without promoting yourself. It gets old when an info producer makes every discussion about them and their offerings.
--Post without promoting daily, then, when you do, it's not ignored. At the very least, put the call to action to buy your product at the very bottom of the post.
--Answer questions. Help.
--Invest your time in the lives of others.
--Set up your own list of who you prefer to use for supplies, training, etc. and why. Share it to show your support to those you hope to have support from.
--For other creative folks who have blogs and groups already, refer people to their blogs and groups NOT to the person. For the love of God, don't send newbies looking for a mentor to the person who is already working a full-time job, has a signing business, and working with newbies through groups.

They are already covered up. Recommend that newbies read their blogs or sites or join groups. Don't tag that person and tell the newbie to contact him or her.

If you can't stretch to give a little bit to other creatives or tenders of groups, don't expect to be welcomed when you need them.

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