Monday, May 14, 2018

Tips for Notary Creative Producers of Books, Webinars, and other Notary Info Products

I built my blog's popularity by using my own wall, then setting up a Facebook page for it. Then, I took out a few $35 ads to get the news out.

I also tweeted all of my blog posts.

I have never posted in a group that doesn't belong to me without request or permission.

Two group owners (Kisha Smith & Robert Owens) will ask me to share a blog post on occasion or share it themselves. That kind of advertising is HUGE. It is INVALUABLE.  You don't just take it like you are entitled to it.

That's why creative producers of notary info products need to think twice before using other people's hard work expended by tending and  growing a group. It's not there as a sales tool for notary info product makers.

Don't wear out the group members' attention span by splashing your ads into the group daily. You are getting hundreds of dollars worth of targeted advertisement. Appreciate it, give back BEFORE you start taking.  Else, you might be surprised at what happens when you need help.

--Set up your own group. Spend time in it each day. Set hours that you'll be there. Build YOUR following.
--Participate in other groups without promoting yourself. It gets old when an info producer makes every discussion about them and their offerings.
--Post without promoting daily, then, when you do, it's not ignored. At the very least, put the call to action to buy your product at the very bottom of the post.
--Answer questions. Help.
--Invest your time in the lives of others.
--Set up your own list of who you prefer to use for supplies, training, etc. and why. Share it to show your support to those you hope to have support from.
--For other creative folks who have blogs and groups already, refer people to their blogs and groups NOT to the person. For the love of God, don't send newbies looking for a mentor to the person who is already working a full-time job, has a signing business, and working with newbies through groups.

They are already covered up. Recommend that newbies read their blogs or sites or join groups. Don't tag that person and tell the newbie to contact him or her.

If you can't stretch to give a little bit to other creatives or tenders of groups, don't expect to be welcomed when you need them.

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