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Today's Notary Tip - June 7, 2018 - An easy way to stay out of notary trouble!

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The easiest way to stay out of notary trouble is to always, always keep your address updated with your state or county notary public administrator.

In Texas, within ten days after it changes, you must update your contact information on the Texas Secretary of State's website.  Other states have similar procedures.

Please make sure you stay current! 

Everyone uses email, so why is this so important? 

Most notary public administrators are required by law to send you a letter via snail mail in the case of a complaint.

Some laws require them must send it certified mail.

Many letters from state offices are not to be forwarded and state so on the outside of the envelope.  If you aren't keeping your records current at the Texas Secretary of State's office, and a complaint is file about you, there will be a terrific amount of easily avoidable trouble!

You'll never know about the complaint, and your commission will likely be revoked when you don't respond to it.

It's like failing to show up for a court case.  You lose if you don't respond.

You can defend yourself if you DO receive the letter in a timely manner.

However, if the letter about the complaint is returned undelivered, you will undoubtedly also be penalized for not updating your address with your notary public administrator.  The law is clear that you must keep that information current.

As a Texas notary, my notary public administrator's office is Notary Section of the Texas Secretary of State.  Their contact information is: phone: 512-463-5705 and email: (Note: You can always find this information on my  Notary News website - Texas Notary Resources.)
The law requiring me to change my address is Tex. Gov’t Code  406.019 CHANGE OF ADDRESS.  
"A notary public shall notify the secretary of state of a change of the notary public's address not later than the 10th day after the date on which the change is made."
Texans may change their address at this link

Not a Texan?  Find YOUR notary laws about address changes!

To find your state's website, please like this page on Facebook  Stone's List, and see the one of my lists here:  State Notary Websites.   (This list of notary websites was originally collected by Jennifer Glover of Prestige Notaries and Notary Dash.)


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