Tuesday, August 28, 2018

DocVerify - the only company providing online notarization set up for independent notaries

Dear Darcy Meyer - please pass along to  DocVerify the following.

Thank you from Texas.

I have been a Texas notary for more than 20 years.   (Maybe 30, but who's counting!?)

 If not for DocVerify, I could not have moved forward to understand the way that online notarization works from a "hands on" view.

It’s been interesting to see that DocVerify  is the only company willing to allow Texas notaries to set up independently as online notaries. As of four months ago, no other technology company was willing to allow a Texas notary to purchase a single seat on a platform and operate independently. Sad for Texas notaries, but true!

I'm not sure what's caused this bizarre lockout of the those who were qualified for online commissions by virtue of their traditional commissions, in Texas.  

In Ohio and other states, notaries were asked to provide input...encouraged to do so.  If Texas notaries were offered a chance at involvement, I didn't know about it, and the others didn't share if they were involved.  Again, without you, we'd know very little.  

You may never get the recognition that you deserve for this by notaries public, but I am grateful.

I hope your platform is my online notary home for many years-- I'm going to stick with you. 

Thanks again for helping us out...your monthly fees have been a small price to pay.  

I receive no compensation for this statement or for endorsing my experience as positive with DocVerify.  I have received no special assistance. 


Brenda Stone

Texas Online Notary (still learning!)
College Station, Texas 77845

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