Friday, September 28, 2018

Why Posts Get Removed in Facebook Notary Groups

I am sick of being the "queen of mean" because I don't believe in every Tom, Dick, and Harry promoting in a group that isn't theirs. 

This is always a group that the offenders haven't lifted a finger to do anything in except what would benefit themselves.

They do not stop to think that beneath the noise of those who are praising them are the unhappy people who want the spamming to stop.

The spammers are the rude ones, but they turn it around masterfully.

It's practically poetic how they do that.

So, what can I do to defend my position? Notta.  Just keep being that royal old b-word or let them do what they want to do.  Some days they win, some days I rally and pull down the spam.

= = = = = = =

Recently, the groups that I own or help to moderate have been struck with a storm of self-promoters, plagiarists, and people who propose all kinds of partnerships with me to sell content. I have been writing and selling content for years on my own. No benefit to me, so I decline.  That doesn't make them happy.  In fact, one person has been scary nasty about it.

This month has been particularly profitable in the way of making people unhappy with me.

I am not whining over it.

I’m just thinking it over, in writing. Trying to sort it all out.

If I can't take the heat, I should get out of the kitchen.

I realize that I have upset plenty of people this month because I take a fairly hard line approach on this.  To keep the group preserved for the greater good, a group manager will offend promoters...they  will say all kinds of things to you (and about you) in an effort to shame and bully you into allowing them to post their offerings.

As a Facebook group owner or moderator, I have learned that if  I dare refuse to add a member, remove a post, remove a poster, silence a poster temporarily, or turn off comments, my character will be assassinated.

Promoters will not accept "no."

In some cases, I have been harassed for days.  Consider this your guide for posting in a group to promote you, your cause, or your wares, and why your post may be removed.

In this article - 

Character Assault of Group Owners
Undermining Behavior
Ask first before you promote.
Common Rule:  No Self-promoting Links
Free Group Gathering
May I promote my course?
Promotion of a paid product
Free e-books
Affiliate Links that Pay Commissions
Amazon and similar programs
Affiliate Links for Courses

Plagiarists are banned and reported.

Character Assault of Group Owners

A few months back, one fellow ranted on for days to anyone who would listen complaining that I was a narcissistic, horrible, evil person. Why? I didn't agree with his continued advice to the group. I asked him nicely to let it go. He did not. I removed him.

When I see those kinds of rants about me personally, I have to question why that person would want to even be in the same group with me.

By the way, his tantrum was really about me pulling the plug on his ability to use that group to market a book. This was not clear to the audience he was addressing, but I knew. I had already been through a character assault from him on a one-to-one basis when I declined a business arrangement with him after trying to make it work.

Undermining Behavior

In a more general sense, I want to say that I don't intend to let anyone assault my character in a group that I have worked hard to grow and maintain. I also don't intend to be targeted for an argument every time I put my head into the room.

I am working on finishing up a couple of courses.  The days of making me defend myself over providing a notarial certificate form or why I have built a directory, write courses, or do anything else that I do is over.  If you don't like it, too bad.  There are easier targets to annoy and undermine in groups.

In the beginning, when I first joined in on the Facebook notary group craze, I was trying to build up the same type of audience I had in the past, but this was a tough nut to crack for a while.  I would defend myself constantly from a couple of people and tried to show them that I actually knew what I was talking about. I got tired of arguing. I won't argue.  I really will not in my own groups or one that I help moderate.

No longer interested in winning approval from peers, I use the same tone that is dealt out to me.

And, I have promised myself I will not take any more abuse or constant picking and undermining by another group member.

 It is a time waster!  I am busy!

If I own the group, I will remove the offender. If I am in another group where that goes on, I will block the offender.

Ask first before you promote.

Ask first about posting a promotional ad. I can’t tell you how much I respect that. Even if I won't do it in my group, I might be able to help by promoting on my wall.

But, when I see  a promoter advertising their stuff in a large group that someone else has built, it stinks of a sense of entitlement. If one person does it, everyone believes they have a right to do it. The group becomes garbage.

When the post is removed, all heck breaks loose.

It is not fair to get angry and malign the character of the group owner because the owner removes promotional posts. But, of course, that’s part of being a group owner.

It's sad to see adults try to pull off the old “I just wanted to help notaries and provide inspiration.”  Grow up and talk to yourself honestly.  You want to sell your s-h-#-#.

Common Rule:  No Self-promoting Links

It is common knowledge that every online gathering place (except for a very few) do not want self-promotional posts made in that setting.

Members of groups do not like excessive noise. They reported the offenders. That takes up the owner’s time to decide what to do. It is a quandary. As a group owner, you know that your character is going to be assassinated if you do not do what the self-promoter wants.

With me, I am so done with it, that I'm starting to seem like a very hard and uncaring person. And, the fact is, that I do not care to use the work I put into groups so that someone else can profit from it. If that makes me a difficult old woman, I'm going to rock the heck out of it. 

Free Group Gathering

Why would a manager of a group remove an announcement of a free gathering?

It could be for several reasons.

  • The poster didn’t bother to ask and the poster knew that was a requirement. 
  • The arranger intends to use the gathering as a recruitment tool into his or her paid program, class, or MLM company. 
  • There will be a guest celebrity promoting his or her membership program to the gathering. 
  • The arranger of the event receives some benefit (i.e., email list, recruiting into a signing service or team, etc.) 
  • One problem with this type of promotion is that the poster is not completely honest. For instance, the poster has begun a networking group to whom he plans to sell his course. 

Interestingly, the people who most often want to promote things in groups are those who use the group ...

(1) as an information channel that must serve them upon demand

(2) a source for answers; the poster asks the same questions over and over again, but refuses to take ownership for learning the information

(3) to promote themselves and causes that benefit them.

May I promote my course?

Two years ago, a notary came to me and said that she wanted to promote her notary course in the Texas Notary Professionals group. I told her no. I told someone no last week.

If any course is promoted in a group that I own, it will be my course or a course of my choice.

Promotion of a paid product  

This is straight-up advertising and using someone else’s platform. If you have books, courses, websites, or calendaring apps to sell; networks to buy into; or other content and products that you want to sell it's time to get your own group and grow it.

Once you have your own group then perhaps you and another group owner could exchange the rights of advertisement. Some groups will allow you to post if you ask first and are not one of the posters who only drop in if something is needed, never to help support other members.

Most of the time, this type of post will be removed from notary groups.

There are two groups where the owners allow them to stay up. However, one of those groups has lost members because of the promotions.

Free e-books

If I give someone an ebook I am going to collect an email address, advertise something in it, and those are both valuable opportunities for me.

No, you cannot promote your free ebook on my platform. Not without letting me know and talking it over with me to see if there's any benefit to me, my audience, or to build the content of my assets.

Affiliate Links that Pay Commissions

Amazon and similar programs
I post an occasional Amazon affiliate link in my own content and into my groups but I disclose that it is an affiliate link and that I may make as much as 4% to 6% from a sale.

However, I am not going to let anyone else use my group's real estate like that. sorry, I guess I am just not very nice.

By the way, if you are an Amazon affiliate, be sure and make that clear when you make a post with Amazon affiliate links in it. It's not my rule, it's the law. You have to say that you are getting a commission from the product if you are

Affiliate Links for Courses

It is misleading to post an endorsement of a course if you are receiving a commission for making that endorsement.

You must disclose how much you are making from the sale if the audience purchases from your link.

In fact, if all you do is drop into a group and spread affiliate links, I'll probably just remove you.

Plagiarists are banned and reported.

I have read almost every article that's ever been published on notary topics.

 I can usually spot the style of the National Notary Association publications, most of the writers from the American Association of Notaries, and the writing style of the primary writer from the American Society of Notaries.  So, it doesn't matter if I've read the article that is being copied and pasted by a  plagiarist--I will often figure it out when I see it on Facebook.  That's a weird skill that I have.   I can often tell when a writer speaks in his or her own post and drops in quotes without acknowledging the original publisher.  A quick Google will reveal the content theft.  So, plagiarize at your own risk in Facebook groups.

If you copy and paste material without giving the author credit for his or her work, you are a common thief and I want nothing further to do with you.   I report plagiarists to the author from whom they have stolen content and to Facebook.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

NSG Talks for Notaries - Michelle Riley - Become a Process Server

Hello, friends.

Great news for you!!

Alabama private investigator Michelle Riley kicks off  NSG Talks on Tuesday - 9/25/18 at 7:00 p.m. CDT  with an informative and entertaining presentation "Become a Process Server."  I saw Michelle do this one at the 2017 NNA Conference --  she kills it!   

Come to the Notary Side Gigs Facebook Group at 7:00 p.m. CDT tomorrow evening where I will do a quick introduction on Facebook Live and tell our audience about upcoming talks for notaries by talented professionals. Our current group of speakers are dedicated to creating, publishing,  and curating from the web high value content for notaries public. 


Join the NSG TALKS email list.  

NSG TALKS will just keep getting better!

 Note: see the video on NSG TALKS  at the bottom of this article.


Surviving and Diversifying . . .

All presenters are delivering talks on topics that fall under a broad category that we believe fits 2018-2019: Surviving and Diversifying Your Notary Business During Slow Times.  

The audience will be treated to great content, handouts, video presentations, and a Q&A session.

This will all happen at the Notary Side Gigs Facebook Group where almost any kind of opportunity can be pitched to the 1200+ notaries in the group! NSG rules: be polite, post your ads only once per week with clear details about the opportunity, company, or product, and don't spam other threads in the group with your ads.  Easy!  

Join the Notary Side Gigs Facebook Group  before tomorrow evening. 

Show up at 6:55 p.m. and hang out with us for an hour!

You can't beat the price!  (Free!)

Future NSG Talks 

  • Becoming a process server
  • Non-loan marketing strategy for 2019 
  • How to reach clients who need your services
  • Finding and nurturing a niche 
  • Content marketing strategies for notaries
  • Working through slow times
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new!
  • Developing a field inspection business
  • The officiant business

Current schedule for NSG Talks

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