FTC Disclosure, etc.

Disclosure Regarding Ads and Endorsements on this Website

This site is owned and maintained solely by Brenda Stone. The opinions, articles, and editorial remarks within are posted by the owner.  They do not reflect the opinions of any other entity or individual.

Disclosure of Relationships
I work for the American Association of Notaries (AAN); any endorsements of the AAN on this website are purely because I believe in the quality of the organization. I do NOT receive commissions or incentives for mentioning or endorsing the AAN's products or links.  In fact, I'm not even sure that the principals of the AAN are aware of this website.  (Updated 8/9/16. No longer affiliated with the AAN.)

NOTICE:  I have never received free products in exchange for reviews.
I have never received a free product in exchange for a positive review; if I ever do, I will post a clear disclosing statement regarding the same.

NOTICE: Truth in Advertising
Statements made within my websites and blogs are truthful.  If I endorse a product personally, I have used it or intend to use it and if I like it, I will say positive things about it.  If I do not like it or think it is inferior, I will state that information.

NOTICE:  Advertisements, Affiliate Links, and Endorsements
The Federal Trade Commission  strongly encourages (or perhaps requires by law) that websites endorsing products or serving ads or affiliate links provide the following information:

This website contains advertisements delivered by Google, some posts may include affiliate links delivered by Amazon or other affiliate networks.  The reason for the placement of ads is to pay for the website maintenance and to generate interest in my content.

Ads by Google
I allow Blogger and Google Ads to place ad content on my website.  Google Ads delivers content that the viewer is interested in and may pay per click or per purchase made through the link, but seldom more than $.01 (one cent) per click.

Amazon Links
I place relevant Amazon links in the content of this blog and my other websites. Amazon pays between 0% and 6% for products purchased through those links.

Other Links
I have placed on other websites and may place on this one links to products of relevant content. They pay between 0% and 6% for products purchased through those links.

PERMALINK:  FTC Disclosure

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