Texas Online Notary Resources (New!)

On July 1, 2018, the Texas Secretary of State added resources for those interested in becoming commissioned as an online notary in Texas.

At this link, you will find how to apply, the statutes that guide online notaries, and sample notarial certificates.  (The link is also below.)

 Online Notary Public Education Information (7/1/18 - critical information)

Learn About Digital Certificate Requirements

Online & Traditional Notary Laws

For resources on Traditional Pen & Ink Notary Laws and Training, go here!!

Critical reading for notaries at the following links:

How to Get Correct Answers to Online Notary Questions

1-Contact the Texas Secretary of State Notary Public Office
Phone: 512-463-5705
Email: notary@sos.texas.gov

2-Read the Online Notary Public Education Information (Texas Secretary of State)

3-Refer to the links under "Online & Traditional Notary Laws" heading above.

How to Get Bad Information on Becoming a Texas Online Notary  

Ask people on Facebook who do not take the time to tell you the exact rule or law, or who say "I think it is this and that..." because they are not informed or equipped to help you.

The same holds true for the online notary supply sellers' hotlines.  If you call them, ask for the rule or law where the answers came from.

Notaries must take responsibility for this important step in their notary careers and not ask complete strangers' opinions--these are not casual or easy answers.

At this time, I cannot answer your questions about becoming online notary public in Texas because I am not completely confident in what I "think" I know."   Please read the proposed rules, the online notary public education information, and at least  Tex. Gov't Code 406 and Tex. C.P.R.C. 121. 

I have signed up with DocVerify, I have my digital certificate, and I am trying to learn. The reason I am not being helpful about how to get your online commission is because (1) I am not sure I will stick with it--so I am not going to suggest that you do; (2) you should not get an online commission until you actually learn what this is about by reading all the links above; (3) the information you need to get started has been repeated several times in the Texas Notary Professionals group--do searches--Lori K. especially has repeated the information; (4) it is complicated, it takes a lot of time to set up and learn.  I am learning myself.  (5) Currently I can't help anyone because I don't know myself how to do an online notarization. I am writing down the steps I have taken so that I can remember; I will publish them after I finish another project that has nothing to do with online notary commissions. Thank you.  Brenda 8/3/18

How to apply and get started as an Online Texas Notary!

Once you have read every link above and all the rules, FAQs, and laws pertaining to your notary commission, go here. <--CRITICAL INFORMATION

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